Our Caregivers

We Look out for each other here

The caregivers here are sure to be the most hardworking and most passionate about the job that they are hired to do. Letting someone into your home is not always the easiest thing to do and might be somewhat worrisome. So, at Devoted Care we make sure to get to know the caregiver personally. We always get to know the caregiver before sending them to assist your loved ones.

Some of the things that we do to make sure you are more comfortable with them being there are making sure that we complete a full background check, having at least 2 other work references as a caregiver, and that they are properly trained for the job that you hired them to do.


Devoted Care Services LLC

Devoted Cares Services prides itself on making sure are caregivers and employees are greatly taken care of. We understand that they are the most important part of our business and we do everything we can to make sure they are treated amazing for their great service and that they are treated fairly for their hard work.

If you have any concerns or questions about our hiring process you should feel free to contact us. Our owner will always love and be happy to go into further detail in person or over the phone if you ever feel you need it.





Margie became part of the Devoted Care Family as a caregiver in 2019. Her active mood finds it very encouraging to everyone that she is with. She'll show off her energy to the fullest just to make you laugh and enjoy the time being with her. You'll never see her in a bad mood because she always carries her smile. This is also the reason why she is well-loved by her clients. They find her sweet and caring.